sad news: Lions fans brought to tears after heartbreaking during

Lions fans brought to tears after the heartbreaking loss of a historic Super Bowl opportunity.

Crying Lions Fan gifted tickets to Sunday's divisional playoff game


The Lions management threw a party at Ford Field to commemorate their first NFC title game since the 1991 season. This afternoon, the stadium was crowded with supporters eager to see history, but in just three hours, the celebration turned tragic.

The team created a fantastic atmosphere for the clash by strategically placing twelve enormous screens on the field in key spots of the stands. This gave the impression that the game was being played in Detroit rather than San Francisco.

Before the game, a drone display welcomed the fans, and during the game, the entire stadium waved.

When Lions coach Dan Campbell decided to play two fourth-and-short opportunities rather than attempt two field goals that would have kept him in control of the game, the fans’ smiles turned to long faces, and just as the television broadcast shared the fans’ joy during the first half,

it also started to share the faces of sadness and even tears of frustration as the game slipped from their hands in the fourth q49ers 31, Lions 34. The Niners defeat the Detroit Lions by 17 points, and they will play Mahomes in the Super Bowl.

Eminem was seen mocking Niners supporters during the NFC championship game at Levi’s Stadium.
The Detroit Lions were playing in their first Super Bowl in their storied history, and they were about to experience glory for the first time in almost thirty years.


Pure Michigan: 2020 Detroit Lions - YouTube

In fact, they were just thirty minutes away from securing a 17-point lead at the San Francisco 49ers’ stadium and making it to the Super Bowl.

The Lions controlled the game in the first half but lost all of it in the second. Regretfully, they gave up 27 consecutive points in the second half, and the Niners won an unbelievable game that

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