REPORT: Miami Dolphins set to sign Chiefs WR Patrick Mahomes for $158.5milions  with Eight years contract…

Miami Dolphins Show Major Interest In Nabbing WR Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes Is Investing in F1—Here's His Net Worth


The Miami Dolphins are reportedly tipping their hand at what draft prospect they want, and it’s apparently a wide receiver that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick has his eyes on. Go figure: the Dolphins and Mahomes prefer the same type of receiver.

Mahomes started his career chucking deep balls to Tyreek Hill. The Dolphins traded for Hill in the 2022 offseason. The Chiefs haven’t replaced the kind of speed Hill provided.

It only made sense that Mahomes noticed the fastest receiver at this year’s NFL Combine. Following a 2023 season in which the wide receiver play was one of the worst in the league, the Chiefs came into the offseason expected to draft a wide receiver to place alongside Rashee Rice. (They have since signed Marquise Brown.)

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is excited to play his first game at Lambeau


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