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Is Lebron having problems? At her son Bronny’s game, Savannah James appears distressed and leaves the group alone.

LeBron James appeared to be having fun on the court with Linda Rambis and Jeanie Buss, the majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, a few days ago during the Lakers’ game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Social media users shared the photos widely.

At her son Bronny’s USC game after that, several spectators made light of Savannah James, saying she appeared distraught and distant from LeBron.

LeBron James - Wikipedia

As the NBA player and his spouse stroll across the court to see their kid Bronny play, it’s evident that they are not at all at ease. Savannah is quite serious, as though she wants to vent her resentment on James.

The Lakers player, for his part, appears preoccupied as he strides behind Savannah while glancing down at the court with his head lowered.

It’s not entirely clear what’s really going on and it may have nothing to do with LeBron’s viral clip, but it would seem obvious or at least coincide with the James couple’s moment of estrangement right after Jeanine Buss got too comfortable resting her head on James’ shoulder while comically explaining something to him.

We will not know for sure what happens between LeBron and his wife, but the images give free rein to speculation and more if the moments coincide one after another.

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