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Mid-game modifications can be essential to Seattle’s victory.

Even though it’s only the Cactus League and two weeks until Opening Day, the Mariners’ Wednesday afternoon 8-1 victory over the Dodgers at Camelback Ranch felt a little more significant.

Everything is more intense when the Dodgers are involved, especially considering that they used all of their starters and will leave on Thursday morning for the Seoul Series.
Following Yamamoto
Not only was the opposing team formidable, but Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the Dodgers’ highly sought-after free agency acquisition, looked every bit the $325 million pitcher as he struck out Jorge Polanco, Julio Rodríguez, and J.P. Crawford in the opening inning.

The Mariners, however, made adjustments the second time around as Ty France, Mitch Haniger, Polanco, and Mitch Garver all singled consecutively to score two runs. After ripping opposite-field singles by Crawford and Jorge Polancopursued a first-pitch curveball for a two-run, pull-side double on the third outing. The outcome was similar. After giving up eight hits in one inning, Yamamoto quit the game after one batter.
The offensive messaging throughout camp has focused heavily on midgame changes, especially in light of Seattle’s well-documented inability to do so in the previous season. Their most striking illustration of such efforts paying off came on Wednesday.

Scott Servais, manager of the Mariners, claimed there was “constant banter in the dugout about what they’re seeing.” This is the first time we’ve met him; he’s a well-known man visiting from Japan. There’s no denying that he possesses exceptional talent. However, as the game progresses, adjustments must be made, and today’s team performed admirably in that regard.
In midseason form, Muñoz
Since the Camelback Ranch velocity radar only has two numbers, it was actually reading 100s rather than zeros while Andrés Muñoz’s reading was constantly “00.” The hard-throwing reliever frequently hit triple digits, including a swinging strikeout of Chris Taylor, his first batter, and dipped into his low-90s slider.

Given that both Matt Brash and Gregory Santos are anticipated to start the season on the injured list, Muñoz—who at this time last year was recuperating from surgery on his right foot and heel—is expected to play a much bigger role than his already impressive leverage label.

“With this bullpen right now, I feel a lot of confidence,” Muñoz stated. And we’re still a great bullpen despite a few injuries. Despite just being 25 years old, I act and speak like a seasoned member of this group. I simply attempt to help the others by doing my best and using my experience with injuries and everything else related to pitching.

pipeline electricity
In the seventh inning, power-hitting prospect Lazaro Montes (ranked No. 4 in the Mariners system) made an impressive impression by blasting a triple into the right-field corner, driving home Colt Emerson (ranked No. 3) and Tai Peete (ranked No. 7). Montes made a left-on-left layup on a ball that broke below his knees.
In a remarkable performance, the top foreign signee for the Mariners in 2022 drove in two of their three first-round selections in 2023, displaying promising future traits. Later, Jonny Farmleo (No. 6), who was on fire, tore off a single to make his Cactus line 4-for-9.




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