GREAT NEWS: Red sox pitcher who had injury days age is finally return back….

Red Sox Analyst Describes Lucas Giolito’s Potential Return Date.

The Boston Red Sox’s prospects of winning in 2024 were severely damaged.
It’s difficult to accept that pitcher Lucas Giolito will miss the entire season.
However, his injuries were not the worst that might have happened.
During spring training, Giolito sustained an elbow ailment that raised concerns about the possibility of Tommy John surgery.
Fortunately, that proved untrue.
Tyler Milliken claims that Giolito was able to avoid Tommy John surgery.
Rather, he underwent a successful UCL surgery, and he should be fully recovered by 2025.
While losing Gioltio for the entire season is not ideal, it should only be temporary Boston now needs to figure out how to cover the hole in their starting lineup.

They should investigate the free-agent market as the most effective means of doing it.

There are still two excellent starters available: Jordan Montgomery and Blake Snell.

Snell is a better pitcher, but Montgomery might be more affordable for the Red Sox.

If the Red Sox sign one of those guys, it will be clear that they intend to compete.

Some of baseball’s top teams compete in the AL East.

With the departure of Gerrit Cole, its adversary, the New York Yankees, will also be examining the starting pitching market.

Boston has an opportunity to bolster their roster and remove a possible alternative for the Yankees.

That should be a no-brainer for them.

Injuries always seem to have a way to derail a season.

But, with this injury to Giolito happening before the season begins, the Red Sox have time to adjust.




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