GRAET NEWS: former Chicago Bears Pro Bowler decision for upcoming quarterback….

Reactions to the impending quarterback choice from a former Chicago Bears Pro Bowler.

Though Kyle Long’s legacy with the Chicago Bears wasn’t because of his ability to run the organization, Long put himself in Ryan Poles’ shoes with a major decision at quarterback looming.

What the Bears are doing at the quarterback position is a topic of discussion for many within the NFL community. As a former three-time Pro Bowler for the Bears, Kyle Long has an attachment to the team that goes deeper than many, though, what he’s suggesting isn’t too common of an idea

I knew Kyle Long was a Pro Bowl interior offensive lineman, but he’s making a case of being an undercover Ivy League scholar.

Similarly to how cornerbacks are cornerbacks because they can’t catch, I write about sports because I can’t do math. However, maybe it’s a bit early to give Long his mathematics degree.

Kyle Long speaks on Chicago Bears’ quarterback situation, gives incongruous suggestion

The choice to turn it into a math equation is silly, but the ideology behind Long’s suggestions isn’t terrible. This shouldn’t be Poles’ first option, but it shouldn’t be the last choice, either. If Justin Fields would net near-to-nothing this off-season, sure, it makes sense to keep him for when teams become more desperate. Teams who believe they can be a contender are much more willing to buy a quarterback when something happens than they’d be preparing for something if something happens.

Justin Fields’ trade value has been a mystery for months, and if it dries up completely before the 2024 NFL Draft, keeping him as a mid-season trade-off could be a possibility. It wouldn’t necessarily fit Poles’ sentiment of doing right by Justin Fields, but it could be a possibility for the Chicago Bears.

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